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      for World Peace Day!
InnerMission for World Peace is the organizing entity for the largest annual World Peace Day event here in St. Louis, held every year at 6 a.m. on December 31st  (at Central Reform Congregation in the Central West End) to coincide with prayer and meditation around the world for peace and planetary healing,  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, however you define yourself spiritually, you are welcome to join with other lightworkers and peacemakers to send love and light to all parts of our beautiful Earth.

We hold a "Universal Faith" service with music, message, meditation, and prayer to help create peace, love, and healing for all. We joy in knowing that we are all One Family, and welcome all of you to join with us in this amazing celebration. We hold a potluck breakfast after the service, a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another, and often hold a raffle for a few amazing prizes during the breakfast.  Raffle tickets can be purchased the day of the event.

We are not a 501c3 (non-profit organization), so we rely on support from all of you who work for peace and healing, who share love and create beauty and support unity in our community. Please visit the page "How You Can Support the Event" for full details.
Though we are not a non-profit, neither are we a "for profit" organization. The money raised each year is used to cover the costs of the event (venue rental, sound tech, mailings, programs, event promotion, breakfast supplies, and other organizational expenses.)

For additional information, please contact Event Organizer/Orchestrator Jeannie Breeze at 
314-601-3789,, or by private message on Facebook.

Thank you for your interest
in InnerMission for World Peace!
InnerMission for World Peace has one purpose:  Creating Peace in the Heart by organizing the annual World Peace Day Celebration in St. Louis each year on December 31st. We create a Universal Faith Service, free and open to all, held at 6 a.m. at Central Reform Congregation, 5020 Waterman, in St. Louis MO (in the city's Central West End.)

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Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, you will find your heart and soul buoyed by the music, message, and meditation we share as we join together in a world-wide hour of prayer and meditation for peace and planetary healing. We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in the presence of the Creative Source within, (whatever name you may give to it), joining our hearts and minds to journey to the place of peace within, from whence we can envision and invoke together the realization of peace on earth. We believe that peace is an "inside job" - so we begin by creating peace in our individual hearts, and then send that energy out from the "heart" of this nation, here in St. Louis, a "heart center" where all the arteries come together - the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Meramec, and a little further, the Illinois and the Ohio Rivers. From the Heart, the energy pulses to help create the health of the whole.
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