InnerMission for World Peace - Creating Peace in the Heart
    "The Time Is Now!"
    The  33rd  annual  World Peace Day    
                    6 a.m. * Monday, December 31st, 2017

                  at Central Reform Congregation
        5020 Waterman (at Kingshighway)  St. Louis, MO 63108
                              A Universal Faith Service                  
                               FREE  and   OPEN TO ALL  
                                (Love Donation Invited)
  with Music, Message, Meditation, &  Joyous Celebration                   
Doors open at 5 a.m. to buy raffle tickets  or to enter the sanctuary for Silent Prayer & Meditation, as you hear the sounds of morning songbirds and the soothing sounds of Pati Pellerito on Tibetan & Nepalese singing bowls. Service begins at 6 a.m. as Joia surrounds us with lovely bell tones, leading to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth sounded on the drum as the presenters enter the sanctuary.

                                   Potluck Breakfast follows the Service.
                                   (no pork or shellfish please)

Music by Ptah Williams, Genius on the Keyboards
Vocals by Bridgette Kossor  
Guitar & Vocals by Tim Mead
Unity through Percussion by JOIA
Singing Bowls by Pati Pellerito

Welcome by Robert Fishbone
Earth Wisdom from Green Jean Ponzi
Readings from "The Book of Now" by J'Asa
Short Remarks & Meditation by Jeannie Breeze
with Pati Pellerito on Singing Bowls

This event will be live-streamed at

                          Peace, Love & Healing to All Beings!
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